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The Beatles
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aboot george:

birthday: 2/25/43

full name: george harrison (yes, people. 'tis true, he hath no middle name)

parents: harold and louise harrison

origin: liverpool

siblings: harry (yes, 'tis true: harry harrison), peter, and louise

wives: pattie, olivia

children: dhani (read more about this luscious morsel of scrawny sexiness on the page dedicated to him)

interests: music, the ladies, mo, rabbits, sitar, indian stuff, gardening, racing, hair, hare krishna, short shorts, stripey pants, tabla, blondes, mexicans, guitars, the drums, nailing john in the head with nails, earrings, writing prettiful songs, meditating, sitting on grass, not drugs, puppies, cello, ciggies, jumping, boots, being sexy, singing, photography, unibrows, chairs, greaser looking-ish without the grease, kittens, ray-rays, teeth, fangs, big fur coats, the minnesota twins, making funny faces, smoke, winking, tea, horses, headphones, not wearing a shirt (but not as mush as paul), presents, christmas, crossing his legs weirdly, hats, stars, the beatles, cars, psychedelic painting, coke, telephones, having his hair combed, scarves, eating, shaving, wind, whistling, brick walls, ties, trains, fiendish thingies, mbe's, amps, running, samiches, soup, sunglasses, arthur, the man in the moon, flowers, lips, fros, the frotastic guy. us.



aboot ringo:

birthday: july 7, 1940

full name: richard starkey

parents: elsie and richard

origin: liverpool

siblings: none

wives: maureen, barbara

children: jason, lee, zak

interests: hospitals, dogs, big noses, the ladies, being short, the drums, singing, yellow, octopi, gardens, flowers, drumsticks, movies, friends, help, railings, skiing, rings, being painted red, unfiendish thingies, nothing, cheesy smiles, coats, scarves, sitting in trunks with orange blankets, stairs, stripey jumpsuits, hats, making funny faces, ears, hair, jewishness, wind, facial hair, walking, ed sullivan, waving, telephones, microphones, interviewing people, twitching, smiling, water, being held upsidedown, the beatles, john, tambourine, playing cards, lions, looking funny, shrinking fingers, photography, being depressed, getting arrested, booooooks, getting his jacket dirty and having some lady fall into a hole, fuzzy hats, doves, bears, rory storm and the hurricanes, streaks of grey hair, coke, napoleon, sunglasses, boxers, sledding, crying, tea, airline bags, POSTCARDS!!!!, magazines, cars, beaches, bikes, elvis, grass





aboot paul:

full name: james paul mccartney

birthday: june 18, 1942

siblings: micheal

parents: mary and james

wives: linda and heather (his girlfriend in the 60s was Jane asher)

kids: james, stella, mary, beatrice

interests: the ladies, not wearing a shirt, bass guitar, the guitar, the drums, songwriting, broadway, sunglasses, towels, freakish outfits, big eyes, eyebrows, redheads, blondes, leather jackets, ungly plaid, being pretty, his chest, cameras, awesome galsses, striking poses, coca-cola, hats, being shy, yesterday, scrambled eggs, womens legs, being confused, publicity stunts, puppies, christmas, getting married, stealing patti, chubs, wubba!, psycho killers (maxwell edison), story songs, jane asher, proper acting, gross facial hair, richness, martha, tea, forks, flowers, pink, french, having babaies in his sixties, being 64 (not yet), the ladies, postcards, walking, the ladies, suits, the ladies, the spotlight, the ladies, the ladies



aboot john:

fulll name: john winston lennon

birthday: oct 9 1940

parents: julia and alfred

wives: cynthia and yoko (aka the devil)

kids: sean and julian

interests: songwriting, wife beating, putting down ringo and georges musical abilities, being "in the altogether", being shocking, being amish-looking, playing the piano, smiling, short-shorts, hats, trains, trying to look studly, clapping his hands, obsessing over elvis, being taller than ringo, playing the guitar, playing the fool, ed sullivan, yoko, cynthia, taking baths, submarine wars, sword fighting, talking into microphones, swimming, drugs, being attracted to ringo, scaring the ladies, being in jail, the harmonica, scaring old people, skiing, snorting coke, lying on the ground infront of tanks, stomping  his feet, jumping, the ladies, watching george have a smoke, being nailed in the head, waving, forgetting the words to songs while on ed sullivan, spazing out on ed sullivan, sitting in trunks, the egg man, season tickets, tea, the newspaper, jesus!


george is our favorite beatle, and we feel that he deserves far more recognition than he is given. george had extreme musical talent, but john and paul did not make the effort they should have made to help george in his musical career. george was not only the cutest beatle (sorry, paul, but he got winked at more and he was the cutest of the fab four) but also a great asset to the band. george was also the nicest member of the beatles, especially to ringo. john was also mean to ringo becuase he didn't let him write as much as he would have liked and this didn't help ringo's self esteem. george always gave ringo much more interesting and challenging drum parts in the songs he wrote, as well as helping ringo in his own writing. ringo origionally wrote "octopus' garden", but george rewrote most of it in the studio and still gave credit to ringo. george is one of the most talented musicians ever to live and we salute him.

ringo is the second best beatle!! he spent most of his childhood in the hospital, due to the fact that he was a disease magnet. he also has a big nose, which is definately not a bad thing. ringo is the funniest beatle and the drummer (if you dont know that then shame on you!). he starred in several movies during the beatles (including the beatle movies). he was in "candy" and "the magic christian" outside of the beatles. he was not the original drummer from the band (that was pete best). but we love ringo and you should too. those of you who were children during the 90s or possibly 80s would have seen him as mr. conductor on thomas the tank engine.

paul was the bass player in the beatles (if you dont know that you must be dead, unlike paul). he had the most lovely big brown eyes and was known as the "cute" beatle (but george was cuter). he likes to wink a lot. and he has a love for women that caused him some relationship issues. he had a successful solo career after the beatles broke up. this proves the whole "paul is dead" rumor to be false! he always wrote the pretty songs on the albums, and he had a very pretty voice as well. this came from the influence of his father, who was a leader of a jazz band. his mother died early in his life :(. but paul was a very charming and suave person. he also has a nice bit of tummy fat. (see pictures)

john was the rhythm guitarist of the beatles, and he also wrote and sang many of their songs. john was very witty, and quite hilarious to be frank. his antics will never cease to amuse us (even though...he's dead (unlike paul)). john was a little hitler-ish and slightly controlling, and he could have been a little nicer to george and ringo as they developed into marvelous musicians. but alas, he is dead. it is very unfortunate that john brought yoko ono into the beatle scene. she is generally accepted as the foremost reason the beatles broke up. but alas, she is...dammit, she's not dead yet.

We are in no way affiliated with any of the Beatles or their managers, etc. The Beatles are a trademark of, well, we don't really know, but not us. If you see anything you think is yours, email us and we'll take it down...if we feel like it.