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The Beatles
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stuff that i feel like putting on our site. may be beatle related, may not be.

hi! i've created this page for little tips, ideas, thoughts, tellings, and other things i feel like putting here.
*go to: and go down to the fifth one, "Numa Numa" by gary brolsma, and watch it! it's an awesome song (be sure to have the volume on) and an awesome video!
*go to: why, you ask? because sam peterson is the name of a friend of ours, and we found this site about "him." on this site, you can also read about our other friends: mable, muriel, herbert, and lessie.
*go to because it is one of the webmasters' new site and it is cool!
*go to: it's really funny and there are little drawing thingys and some of them have the beatles. you will know what i'm talking about when you go there. look at the beatles abbey road one, the bob marley one, the jesus one, and beware of the john and yoko one.
*go to: it is hilarious. it translates everything into snoop dogg speak and be sure to look at all of the pages listed under the title. last time i was there, they had "hey jude" translated into snoop dogg speak. and play around with the textilizer, its fun.


if you think this is boring, then...well...screw you! no, jk. sign the guestbook. now.

We are in no way affiliated with any of the Beatles or their managers, etc. The Beatles are a trademark of, well, we don't really know, but not us. If you see anything you think is yours, email us and we'll take it down...if we feel like it.