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The Beatles
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Beatle speech

here's a list of slang terms the beatles used~ some of these are more specific to the beatles and others are just british words they used!

gear: cool/awesome

fab: a term given by the fans to the beatles (same meaning as above)

kip: nap/sleep ("'ave you been meesin' about with me in my kip?" -ringo)

nosh: a meal

bird: girl

bash: have a good time / have a go

beatle people: the fans

pad: apartment

bloke: dude

bobby: policeman

bonnet: the hood of a car

shillings: english money

drag: a bore

ciggy: cigarette

daft: crazy

flat: apartment

jam butties: jelly sandwiches

jelly babies: jelly beans

lorry: truck

mate: friend

nit: an idiot

git: also and idiot (more insulting)

fiendish thingy!: a bomb

barney: a fight

smashing: terrific

teddy: juvenile delinquent

kick-off: beginning/start

the pool: liverpool

everyone should start using all of these words in their speech. that would be cool. 

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