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The Beatles
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past updates

3-19-05- another two pages~on the films and george spotting, and i updated the information page

3-18-05 - two new pages today, beatle speech and pretty fly. more to come soon! sign the guestbok and all that...

3-15-05 - hey everyone! we were glad to see that we had 169 hits, the other day. good job! just want to let you all know that there's one new page, called "loverly words," you just have to check it out, its a riot! there are also 2 new items in the stuff page, so check those out too, they're pretty cool ;)

3-11-05- happy belated birthday to monkee micky dolenz. he turned 60 on the 8th! another new page is up today~ it's about 60s people. i am totally blown away by the discovery that david bowie has different coloured eyes!!! take a look in the 60s's crazy! bowie is so cool.

2-24-05 - hey all! this is just a loverly day, dont you think? i do. well, since i am going to be very busy tomorrow, i will make my most important announcement today. tomorrow is GEORGE HARRISON'S BIRTHDAY!!!!! if our dear george were with us today, he would be 62. the other webmaster of this site and i have dubbed february 25th "g. harri day" in honor of george's birthday. on my calender, there are oms drawn all over the little box for tomorrow. i hope you remember the 62nd anniversary of that wonderful day in the history of music! good day, sir. ps: i just made a new page (it's not very full yet), stuff. go see it :)

2-13-05 - hey everyone :). i would like to wish mr. peter tork of the monkees a happy 63rd birthday today. (to learn more about the monkees, go to our page about them, "the pre-fab four"). also, last friday would have been the 40th anniversary of ringo starr and maureen cox...but she's dead and they divorced a long time ago. on a different note, yay for the 2 webmasters for they will be attending paul mccartney's concert! for those of you who don't know (but if you even slightly consider yourself a beatles fan, you should *shakes fist* jk) paul is going on a north american tour starting september 16th, 2005 in miami, and going to 38 north american cities. the tour will end at the end of november. ok, good day everyone :) PS: comment in the guestbook, please!

1-31-05 - i would just like to say that i am slightly disappointed by the amount of beatle hating i am seeing on the web. by that i mean people who have beatle sites going on about how bad a certain beatle is. hopefully people realize that if all four of them werent together, there would be no beatles. same goes for the monkees. im sure the people in each group had their dislikes too but lets be civilized and keep it all to a minimum. thank you

1-25-05 - hey everyone! i have good news! someone signed our guestbook and i am just elated :) well today i am just adding some stuff and polishing off the site, since it still had some of that cheesy stuff that tripod puts on it, so enjoy!

1-9-05- Happy birthday to webmaster number one!! and people please sign our guestbook we feel like no one is coming here!

12-30-04 - welcome! this site is just being opened today! we hope to get more pictures up as we continue improving our site. we would like to wish Davy Jones a happy birthday! he is 59 today. 

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