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The Beatles
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ok, here's the deal:
i'm too lazy to type up a whole big fancy discography, and it would be stupid and redundant when there are so many out there. so i'll just list the original albums, but you should go to
for a really really good discography. this site has tons of information and really interesting reading, so go there!

the albums
please, please me (1963)
with the beatles (1963)
a hard day's night (1964)
beatles for sale (1964)
help! (1965)
rubber soul (1965)
revolver (1966)
sgt. pepper's lonely hears club band (1967)
the white album (1968)
yellow submarine (1969)
abbey road (1969)
let it be (1970)

favourite album

all of them! but not quite as partial to let it be

favourite songs

i'm only sleeping, your bird can sing, something, oh darling, golden slumbers, chains, if i fell, for no one, yesterday, eleanor rigby, do you want to know a secret?, penny lane, all you need is love, baby's in black, michelle, in my life, dont bother me

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