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The Beatles
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they're gonna put me in the...

info and thoughts on the beatles' films

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the beatles first movie is the wonderful ever popular A Hard Day's Night! we love this movie because george is hot and paul is cute and john and ringo are hilarious!! the scene of john in the bathtub is the funniest thingy i have ever seen!!! and how can you not love ringo's fake laugh on the train? the music is awesome (esp. if i fell) and the romp scenes are great. everyone should see this movie! synopsis: the beatles are on their way to a television program performance and encounter numerous obstacles along the way (like paul's grandfather~ personally i don't think he looks "very clean", more slightly creepy)


the beatles' second movie, Help!, is every bit as enjoyable as the first movie! we love this movie because george gets his shirt ripped off in one scene, its all about a funny eastern religion, it's dedicated to the inventor of the sewing machine (anyone who has ever been in stage crew for theatre knokws how important they are), and again john and ringo are very funny. paul wears a black tshirt and is beautiful. the part where ringo cries after he gets paint dumped on him is really funny. the scenes of them in the alps are hilarious. george looks at the girl in a funny way. there is a fiendish thingy (george's shining moment). mini paul is adorable! synopsis: the beatles try to evade an eastern religion who wants to sacrifice ringo because he is wearing the sacrificial ring (the dread kahili!)

we all live in a yellow submarine! what can we say about this movie..... we fail to see why it is a children's movie (after all the beatles give this monster a joint to get it to stop bothering them) other than the pretty colours and constant business would keep them entertained. those with epilepsy should NOT watch this movie! its kind of wierd and creepy sometimes, but overall has a nice lovey feel to it at the end. we absolutely love the bit at the end with all together now, with the actual beatles instead of the cartoon ones. paul giggles when he says "john love" and george says the word three cool. interesting, but not our favourite.

step right up! magical mystery tour is quite the film. it is very spastic, because of brian's death and the lack of planning that went into it. the beatles really did seem like extras in their own film (as john love put it), except for ringo, who is the centerpoint of the story. there is an extremely unneccessarily long love scene in it. we may warn the younger beatle fans that there is a scene which involves a stripper that may not be appropriate for all you. not that its erotic or anything because the stripper is pretty ugly. paul wears an awesome woman sweater-vest throughout the film. victor spinetti (who appeared in help and ahdn) appears as a crazy guy. just for clarification~ in the first scene that involves the magicians, ringo is asking "where's the boss". george looks like a hobo in this film, but he and john and some little kid play a cute game that goes "george, george, george, george, whoop, george, whoop, george, george, george, george". its my favourite game (my second favourite game is beep beep from help). this film is incredibly random, but still entertaining.

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