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The Beatles
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the pre-fab four


the Monkees!



this page is dedicated to those who followed in the beatles footsteps (some say copied but we know better)

THE MONKEES!!! (for those who still think the monkees are a non-band and didn't play their instruments go to o read the quotes below)

quotes: the beatles on the monkees:

"they're not really just copies of us, now, are they? the monkees have a fine way of their own, you know?" -ringo

"i like their music a lot...and you know, their personalities. i watch their tv show and it is good." -paul
"the monkees are still finding out who they are {this quote was from the 60s}, and they seem to be improving as performers each time i see them. when they've got it all sorted out, they may be the greatest." -george (ooh, he's a deep thinker, thats my georgie ;))

"it's the combining of their sound with their jumping around and all that which makes 'em so popular with the kids, i guess. with me, too." -ringo (ringo's just a big kid, isn't he?)

"im sure that the monkees are going to live up to a lot of things people didn't expect." -paul
*if you want to see pictures of monkees and beatles visit* (note from other webmaster (the not-as-monkee-fan-ish one) i've been there and it's no lie, it's good :) so you should go there)

now for the stats:

full name: david thomas jones
birthday: december 30, 1945
parents: harry and doris
sibs: hazel, beryl, and lynda
wives: linda and anita
kids: annabel, thalia, and two other daughters
interests: the ladies!!, being short, tambourines and maracas and the drums, broadway, the artful dodger, horse racing, being BRITISH (from manchester which is quite close to liverpool)
beatle buddy: davy was supposed to be the paul (the cute one) but could also be compared to ringo (percussion playing) or george (looks)
(learn more about this yummy midget at
full name: peter halsten thorkelson
birthday: feb 13, 1942
interests: indian stuff, banjo, bass guitar, meditiation, greenwich village, the east coast
beatle buddy: peter was supposed to be george (mostly because of the indian vibes) but could also be compared to paul (bass player) or ringo (plays dumb)

full name: george micheal dolenz (known to the world as micky)
birthday: march 8, 1944
parents: george and janelle
sibs: coco
wives: samantha and someone else
interests: being silly, the drums, the ladies, being californian, circuses, elephants
beatle buddy: micky was supposed to be ringo because they were both funny and played percussion
full name: robert micheal nesmith
birthday: dec 30 1942
parents: bette nesmith-graham (the inventor of liquid paper!)
sibs: none
wives: phyllis and some other chicas
kids: christian, jason, etc
interests: liquid paper, being texan, being tall, guitar, 12 string guitar, country music, elephants, songwriting
beatle buddy: mike and john are almost the same person!! except john is british and mike is texan


we are also in no way affiliated with any of the monkees, their managers, or rhino,inc.

We are in no way affiliated with any of the Beatles or their managers, etc. The Beatles are a trademark of, well, we don't really know, but not us. If you see anything you think is yours, email us and we'll take it down...if we feel like it.