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The Beatles
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welcome to our home. we are still working on this site, but it is fairly complete. you will find basic facts on the each of the beatles, small bio's, and also pictures. there is also info on george harrison's loverly son, dhani, and also on the monkees. if you would be so kind as to email us questions and comments, it would be much appreciated. enjoy!




1-15-05 ~ just thought i'd pop in and share a few things: first off- happy belated birthday to webmaster number one again! second, webmaster number one has added an amazing beatles video to the site and i have added a link to a beatles site i just discovered. both webmasters here are really busy and i am having a little personal distress so im not sure how much more will be done with the website in the next while...

happy birthday to paul! (and me dad too). paul is 63 and yes we will update sometime it's just rather busy here at the moment.

***any comments or questions should be emailed to or posted in the guestbook***

the wonderful fab four

the beatles: john, ringo, paul, and george

here are some great beatle related sites with good pics and info: BeatleLinks Logo * (we are listed here) * * * * - a fanlisting for davy jones the one below is a lovely beatles site owned by the lovely chris (we're both on monkeeland if you care to check it out :) )


We are in no way affiliated with any of the Beatles or their managers, etc. The Beatles are a trademark of, well, we don't really know, but not us. If you see anything you think is yours, email us and we'll take it down...if we feel like it.